Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family is a 3-part episodic VR narrative following the struggles of Brandon McWiffle as he attempts to fit in, find love, and come to terms with his outrageous family. It was created by Silvrscreen Productions, which I founded in 2015, and was commissioned by Oculus Story Studio. I served as the writer, director, and creative lead.


Episode 1 set out to establish the main characters and give us a sense of the style of Welcome to the Family. Early on, we use a proprietary technique that we use throughout the series to create what we fondly refer to as a "VR Closeup." It utilizes a specific kind of scaling that prevents nausea in the user while still drawing attention to a very specific aspect of the surrounding. As far as know, we are the first ones to implement such a technique in this medium.


Episode 2 picks up where Episode 1 left off, and ups the ante in every way. We travel to more locations, use even more innovative directorial techniques, and give the viewer a seamless adventure through Brandon's imagination.


If Episode 2 is the spectacle, Episode 3 is the heart. We wanted to close the series with a meaningful message that makes the humorous farces of the first two episodes feel purposeful and worthwhile.